Kenneth Van den Berghe

Creative Thinker

Typecasting Kenneth Van den Berghe as an interior designer would be a mistake. According to his entourage, he juggles many professions - from real estate developer to interior decorator, to financial wizard and even artist. But most of all, he is being called a "creative thinker".

When you look at all his accomplishments it's quite clear that this would be a correct title - the creative part is constantly present in his life, but it doesn't go without a healthy dose of cogitation. Together with his brother Garret and his spouse Stefanie, he has made his mark on development projects - both big ones as well as smaller ones. As he finishes one project, his mind jumps already to the next one - like an unstoppable force of nature.

As you get to know Kenneth, you'll find he works from his gut feeling. Nothing is predetermined, every step he takes is based on his intuition. It results in ambitious projects, like the Borgwal castle in Vurste or his recent pet project in Olargues.

And although every step of the way seemed to be paved with success, there are several occasions that left a scar on this successful path. Recovering from a brain haemorrhage, he started to live life more deliberate in recent years. Together with friends and colleagues, he is bringing beauty to the world - whether it is through his philantropic work for Pelicano, together with art critic and friend Peter Cooreman. Or by planning projects for the people diagnosed with psychiatric vulnerabilities in the neighboring monastery.

The combination of a romantic view on restoring abandoned castle ruins, with the search for beauty in decorating the interior a small-scale restaurant for a friend - makes for an interesting character. That character is embodied by Kenneth Van den Berghe.

Enjoy his story!


Kenneth Van den Berghe built up an impressive portfolio in Belgium and France. Below a selection of his realizations in different cities:

  • Antwerpen-Margaux
  • Antwerpen-'t Eilandje
  • Antwerpen Deurne-Cornelis Duyckstratelaan
  • Ardooie-Stationstraat 60
  • Blankenberge-Kerkstraat
  • Gent-Residentie Amelie
  • Gent-Residentie Morgan
  • Geraardsbergen-Residentie Celine
  • Hasselt-Zonnestraat 2 & 4
  • De Pinte-Dupontseel
  • Gavere-Liefkenswegel
  • Gent-Visserij
  • Gentbrugge-Van biesbroeckstraat
  • Geraardsbergen-Adriaanstraat
  • Harelbeke-Graaf Boudewijn
  • Heuvelland-Kemmalstraat
  • Hulste-Brugsestraat
  • Ingelmunster-Oostrozebekestraat
  • Izegem-Onze Lieve Vrouw
  • Kuurne-Vinktstraat


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